Brand Story

VINCENT LI is an Australian-made emerging Menswear Label established in 2014.

The brand carefully observes the world, society, and culture, which are at the core of our creativity and modernity. The collections always reflect the designer’s culture background and personal experiences.  We hopes to inspire people, especially men, to be more confident with expressing themselves and be adventurous with menswear clothing.

VINCENT LI offers a range of alternative Prêt-à-Porter menswear garments and accessories, including outerwear, smart casual shirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, knitwear, and casual wear. The designs will always represent the feelings of poetry, theatre and fantasy.

In every collection, the silhouette is always the soul, which is conceptual reflection on the inspiration and also is often neglected in menswear design. The style blends gentility and tenderness into conventional classic tailored menswear.

The traditionally established rules of menswear are bent, and the innovative ideas are experimented. Styles incline towards ambigender but still retain masculinity. The designs will always contain DNA of the designer’s culture background and personal observations of the changing world.

The Designer

VINCENT LI是由设计师Vincent Li在2014年创立的墨尔本时装品牌。 品牌精心观察我们的世界,社会,和文化。这是我们的创意和当代性的核心。每个系列处处体现了设计者的文化背景和个人经历。我们希望能启发人们,尤其是男性,更自信表达自己,并对男装更有尝试的冒险性。

VINCENT LI提供一系列的不同以往 的男装服装及衣着附件,包括外套,时尚休闲衬衫,长裤,牛仔裤,短裤,针织服装和休闲服装。设计具有诗性,戏剧性和幻想性。

每一个系列,轮廓是始终的灵魂,这是对设计概念的灵感体现,也是经常被男装设计而忽略。风格融合了温婉与柔情于传统经典定制男装之钟。传统男装制作所建立规则被弯曲,而去实验创新的想法。风格倾向于中性但仍保留阳刚之气。设计将始终包含了设计者的文化背景和对不断变化的世界的个人视角的DNA 。