About This Collection



We wear the mask as a kind of language that expresses the figure one chooses to create. We are divided, contradictory creatures with an uncanny capacity, not only to disguise ourselves from other people, but also to masquerade our own wishes and desires from ourselves. Our defences are methods of disguise – ways of transforming what we find unbearable or transgressively into prosocial and meaningful ambition and fulfilment. This masquerading of desire ensures that there is always the potential of another version of ourselves.

VINCENT LI has taken this deep part of our psyche and turned it into his new concept – “Disguise Cool” and “Disguise Warm”. The concept leads you to see an armour-like silhouette that is contrasted by different textures, panels, and layers, but can also disguise our bodies in a monochrome colour palette. Contemplate the prints, what emotion does it evoke – vulnerability, authenticity, or the real beauty of our inner selves.



“Your smile wears a mask and pretends to be strong, but it will only make you more fragile.”


Photographer: Ray Ranoa

Film: Damien Lipp

Make Up and Hair: Curlysiouxsie

Nail Stylist: Lunel Laque

Model: Thomas Chow (Folk Collective)