Gender Inclusive Collection – Rock and Skin I

About This Collection

Gender Inclusive Collection – Rock and Skin I

The pandemic is such an unprecedented time that we all face various big challenges and uncertainties. To be resilient and optimistic towards the future, we can only try to overcome these hurdles and recover again. One night, the designer Vincent was inspired by the Belgian movie “MISS”. It connected the designer with its modern style fairy tale story. The movie tackles the emancipatory quest of a young man who finds his light in his femininity, encouraged by his chosen family which supports him in his slightly mad bet: to become Miss France, and perhaps, in the same movement, awaken consciences. To stay out of the comfort zone with courage and a positive attitude, the designer imagines that maybe the impossible is possible.


The SS22 Collection “The Rock and Skin” aims to reflect the urge of breaking through the current troubles and unknown future, in order to seek new possibilities. As the brand’s aesthetic has not been defined by gender, and desires to create a new chapter with an open mind and a more inclusive view of our life.


The movie also inspired the designer to explore further into our modern gender identities with the styles, as Vincent always wants to push the boundaries and rules of design. Some questions were lingering inside his mind. “Must we define western styles or eastern styles?”,  “What is our unique signature for the future?”, “As an independent label, under the pandemic, how do we balance our brand identity with the changes in buying patterns?”


We do not define an article of clothing by gender and age, but aim to resolve it to become a stronger unique signature that will be redefined. The designs not only care for our feelings, but also cater for its functions. They can be adaptable with more body shapes, and can be styled in various ways. More importantly, we care for our environment, the community, and the next generation.


“The rock and skin” refers back to the Chinese character “破”, which means “Breaking”. SS22 Collection evokes its emotions with exclusively designed artwork prints. The color palette of the collection is in pastels, earthy and light tones. We illustrate and digitalise the artwork in a more tangible scale rather than the previous abstract feelings. The prints of the brand used to be dominant, but now it has become a highlight detail or complements the entire look.  Through the eye of orientalism, more feminine aspects and Chinese styles are added into the design. The collection juxtaposes the structure with collaging contrasting textiles, and colors. It still maintains the brand’s slight oversized look but has a more defined A-line silhouette. Versatility and a hint of humor can be seen through the design of the pieces, such as the kilt-like belt, sleeve-like fasteners, de-attachable lapels and sleeves, separate collar pieces, or cropped sleeveless shirt for overlaying.


Collection - Rock and Skin I