About This Collection



The Collection “MIRRIGANG” is a collaboration of the Ngarigo queer visual and performance artist – Peter Waples-Crowe and the Melbourne-based Genderless Menswear – VINCENT LI

Vincent Li’s s persona is deeply infused into every piece he creates. The design process always starts with exploring the depths of an intellectual topic and transforming a theme into what some may see as a piece of wearable art.

As the artist – Peter says, “I’m inside the culture because I’m Aboriginal; I’m outside because I’m gay. I’m inside gay culture because I am gay. I’m outside because I’m Aboriginal.” Exploring dislocation, indigeneity, popular culture and spirituality, the artist attempts to bring consciousness to the erasure and loss of Aboriginality. Peter Waoles-Crowe has used the “DINGO” as his artistic symbol. “It’s seen as a native animal but it isn’t afforded the same protective status as other pretty native animals, like Koalas.”

The collection reflects the past, present, and future artistic creations of the artist, the messages to our culture and society from both Vincent and Peter, and the nature characteristics of the “WILD DOG”.

By using “MIRRIGANG” (wild dog) as a symbol, the collaborative pair creates a bold entrancing original collection through an A-Line silhouette via a wedge shape. The feelings of struggling with identity, dislocation, and conflicts are conveyed through its collaged textile, digital prints, embroideries, hand-painted artwork, versatile, de-attachable, and reversible designs in each piece.

Photographer: Clint Peloso

Film: Noel Smyth Films

Make Up and Hair: Curlysiouxsie

Model: Josh Dean Official