About This Collection


We have slowly lost the ability to think, and the forms of our bodies are dislocated, stretched, and twisted, “How to exist in this world?” By constantly torturing, doubting and questioning, the sense of presence reminds and alerts us to think about our own existence, the meaning of existence, how to exist, as well as how to live better.

The song “Existence”, which is written by the Chinese rock singer – WANG FENG, has a positive rather than negative meaning even decadent, and a truly authentic feel. It expressed a feel of vicissitudes commonly found among eastern Asian artists, but the lyrics empowered and spirited audiences, and allowed us to release our emotions even though the direction of our life may become blurring, confused, and lost.

The collection explores existentialism in art, and is an expression of the meaning of existence that the designer Vincent Li explores alternative styles against the established rules of menswear. This collection is to celebrate our individualities, and dress us with confidence, attitude, and freedom.

我们已经慢慢失去了思考的能力,我们的身体在脱臼,拉伸,扭曲。 “在这个世界上如何存在? ”通过不断地折磨,怀疑和质疑,存在提醒和警示钟我们思考关于我们自身的存在,存在的意义,如何存在,以及如何生活得更好。 歌曲“存在” ,一首写于中国摇滚歌手 汪峰, 有着积极的而不是消极的意义,传达一个真正的真实的感觉。它表现了东亚艺术家中常见沧桑的意味。但歌词激扬着听众,并让我们释放自己的情绪,即使是我们生活的方向可能会变得模糊,混淆和丢失。 这个系列探讨存在主义的艺术,是存在的意义的表示。设计师文Vincent Li对探讨男装的既定规则有其另类风格的表达。这个系列是为了庆祝我们的个性,并且以信心,态度和自由来装扮我们。