About This Collection


Film by Damien Lipp
Photographer: Ray Ranoa
Makeup and Hair: Lizzie Sharp
Model: Shane Savage
Music: I Leave This (At Your Ear)
Composer: Rafael Karlen


If you ask Vincent Li what was important when designing the collection he will tell you it’s the silhouette. His new collection “The Left Ear” is centred on the bitter-sweetness of teenage love, which is depicted in the Chinese film “the Left Ear”. The film portrays the youthful journey of exploring the often painful and cruel experiences of love that most of us experienced when we grew up.

Why the left ear? That’s the ear closest to your heart, the side to whisper ‘I love you’ and evoke those emotions of ‘first love’. Vincent has taken this and turned it into his new line – look carefully and you will see a silhouette that emphasises the left (heart) side of the garment but still looks symmetrical. Contemplate the prints, what emotion does it evoke something beautiful, perhaps something a little haunting – the experience of that first love that might not quite have finished the way the romance novel tells you.

This is the philosophy of VINCENT LI, to awaken the emotions and thoughts within, the intellectualisation into an artistic form of an everyday experience. Vincent continues to dance, but now it is the beauty of movement via the garment in its silhouette accompanied by the prints for which he is becoming renowned. This combination brings that final light and shade needed to complete the performance of his fashion.